Elevate Your Adventure: Mountain Biking in Morocco



Are you a mountain biker with a taste for travel and adventure?

If so, Morocco might be your perfect next adventure spot! Mountain biking is a wonderful way to see Morocco. This mode of transport allows you to appreciate the country’s beautiful scenery and rich culture at a slower pace and explore less inhabited areas. 

Between its climate and terrain, Morocco is a global magnet for those looking for a good mountain biking spot! There are many well-known trails to follow and tours, which range in difficulty and length (from many days to half-day trips).

So, no matter your level of expertise on a mountain bike, there is a suitable trail for you in Morocco! 

Whether you are planning your next mountain biking adventure, wondering what to do in Morocco, or interested in an alternate way of seeing the country, read on for the best areas to go mountain biking in Morocco, as well as the advantages and limitations associated with each route.  

Morocco offers some excellent opportunities for mountain biking, with a variety of routes available across a fantastic range of terrains. From the challenging mountain route of the Atlas Mountains to the flatter coastal routes along the Atlantic coast and the less touristy tours in the inland desert – there really is a suitable mountain biking route for anybody in Morocco! 

What Are The Best Mountain Biking Trails In Morocco?

With its diverse terrain, Morocco offers a range of exciting options for mountain biking! Whether you are looking for trails through the mountains, or a mountain bike tour around the desert, or alongside the coast, Morocco has it all!

Trails also vary regionally in their difficulty, from flat coastal land to plunging mountain ranges, so there is a mountain biking trail for cyclists of every age and skill in Morocco!

 So, what are some of the best mountain biking routes in Morocco, what do they offer, and which is the perfect region for you? 

The Atlantic Coast Provides Less Challenging Mountain Biking

The Atlantic Coast offers some excellent mountain bike tours and is perfect if you’re hoping for a more leisurely ride with a sea view!

As the area is relatively flat, it is also perfect for less experienced mountain bikers, those looking to take it easy, traveling with children or older family members.

Another advantage of mountain biking on the Atlantic coast area is the weather. The climate along the Atlantic coast makes it perfect for mountain biking at any point in the year – without the risk of getting frozen along the way during winter! This area of Morocco has a particularly mild climate without dramatic seasonal variation.

If you want the whole coastal experience, one of Morocco’s highways – the N16 – winds itself from seaside town to seaside town, giving mountain bikers a full tour of the Atlantic coastal region and all it has to offer.

Following the N16 provides cyclists with exquisite coastal views and glimpses into main Moroccan cities such as Casablanca, Tetouan, and Al Houceina. You can stay a few nights in some or each of the cities to explore before proceeding with your journey. 

There are several other routes you can take if you want to stick to the Atlantic coast but prefer quieter roads. These include:

  • The roads between Fez and Marrakech. These routes cover approximately 300 miles (480 km) and run from the inland desert to the Atlantic coast, offering a beautiful and dramatic change in scenery.
  • The routes around Casablanca. There are six or seven mountain biking routes around Casablanca, including the Casablanca Rabat Salé, which, at 77 miles, is a good day’s ride for more experienced mountain bikers.

The Inland Desert Has Less Touristy Mountain Biking Routes 

Mountain bikers can also enjoy several cycling tours across the inland desert in Morocco. Mountain biking in this region provides a unique experience and is definitely worth considering!

Tours are primarily day or multi-day trips from cities like Marrakech, and you can easily arrange them with mountain biking tour companies. 

Morocco’s inland desert is jaw-droppingly scenic in parts, and there is no better way to take in the scenery than from your bicycle seat! As it has a different climatic zone to the mountains or coast, the inland desert gives mountain bikers a different glimpse of the country from what you would see elsewhere in Morocco. 

This area of Morocco is more sparsely inhabited than the more urban zones, which has the advantage of being far less touristy. 

While there are only a few roads available in this region, choosing to cycle through the inland desert thus offers a more genuine insight into the country and culture than the larger cities, as well as hauntingly beautiful desert scapes unpolluted by urban sprawl. 

On these routes, you may pass some culturally significant spiritual sites. If they are nearby, it is well worth stopping and appreciating them. 

Routes in the inland desert area are best for mountain bikers who wish for a more self-sufficient adventure. This attitude is necessary because there are few supply spots, so mountain bikers must carry their food and water.

Mountain biking in the inland desert is recommended in the winter, as it is swelteringly hot in the summer. It may reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) on a hot summer’s day, which many mountain bikers would find exhausting or even dangerous. 

Experienced Mountain Bikers Favor The Atlas Mountains

If you are looking for a Moroccan mountain biking adventure defined by dramatic views and a challenging ride that pushes you, routes through the Atlas Mountains are the way for you!

Consisting of the Middle Atlas, High Atlas Mountains, and Ante Atlas, these mountains provide cyclists with a challenging, beautiful, and wholly fulfilling experience. Mountain biking tours of different areas of the Atlas Mountains can be arranged from Marrakech and are real adventures that can push you to new cycling heights. 

However, routes and tours of this area, particularly the High Atlas, should only be undertaken by experienced and competent mountain bikers, as it is treacherous at times and challenging. 

The altitude in the Atlas Mountains is very high, with some passes sitting at about 6500 feet! Altitudes of this magnitude can make for a grueling ride for less experienced mountain bikers, and even those who are experienced should be mindful of the altitude and its impact on them. 

Furthermore, these passes are often shrouded in mist, so mountain bikers have to proceed slowly and carefully to avoid losing sight of the road, as plunging drops are often below.

Moroccan Mountain Biking Loop

If you are a more experienced mountain biker, are feeling truly adventurous, and are in Morocco for at least a month, why not consider embarking on a circular mountain biking tour of the entire country? 

This itinerary will allow you to experience all the regions discussed and truly absorb Morocco’s beautiful landscapes, iconic cities, and cultural sights in a uniquely intimate way.

There are several routes that more serious mountain bikers can take to complete this loop of the country; however, the most popular starts (and ends) in Casablanca. 

From Casablanca, you can cycle on to Meknes, through Midelt and Dade’s Valley, and on to Ouarzazate. From here, this fantastic route continues to Marrakesh, on to Safi, and ends back in Casablanca.

In taking a circular mountain biking trip around Morocco, you get to experience all the striking climatic zones that the country has to offer, from the mountains to the desert and the coast. 

What is more, you will get to push yourself physically, immerse yourself in the multifaceted nature of the country, and return home with stories to tell about the adventure of a lifetime! 

The Best Bike Tours


Morocco’s hidden single-track gems winding through picturesque Berber villages, lush valleys and dramatic mountain passes.

Get a local guide with expert knowledge

  • Expert local guides show you the best hidden trails
  • Ride through picturesque Berber villages, lush valleys and dramatic mountain passes
  • Suitable for riders of all abilities
  • Get fit and explore a new destination on this unique biking holiday

FAQS on Morocco Bike Touring

What are the best mountain biking trails in Morocco?

Morocco has a variety of mountain biking trails, but some of the most popular include the Atlas Mountains, the Anti-Atlas Mountains, and the Rif Mountains. These trails offer a mix of challenging and scenic routes, making them ideal for bikers of all levels.

When is the best time to go mountain biking in Morocco?

The best time to go mountain biking in Morocco is during the spring and fall seasons, from March to May and September to November. During these months, the weather is mild and dry, making it ideal for biking.

Do I need to bring my own mountain bike to Morocco?

It’s recommended to bring your own mountain bike to Morocco as the quality of rental mountain bikes can vary. However, some tour companies do provide rental bikes for their clients.

Is it safe to go biking in Morocco?

Like any outdoor activity, biking in Morocco carries some risks. It’s important to take the necessary safety precautions, such as wearing a helmet and protective gear, following the trails and local regulations, and going with a guide or a group.

Remember when visiting culturally different countries, to absorb the local culture, take a Moroccon mint tea and try out some local typical dishes

Are there any mountain biking tours available in Morocco?

Yes, there are many mountain biking tour companies that operate in Morocco. A Morocco bike tour can range from day trips to multi-day excursions and can be customized to fit your level of experience and fitness.

Some popular tour companies that offer mountain biking tours in Morocco include Morocco Bike Adventures, Atlas Mountain Bike, and Pure Morocco. It’s recommended to research and compare different tour companies before booking your bike trip to ensure that you choose a reputable and reliable one.

What should I pack for a mountain biking trip in Morocco?

Some essentials to pack for a mountain biking trip in Morocco include a helmet, protective gear, comfortable biking shoes, water bottles, snacks, sunscreen, and insect repellent. It’s also recommended to bring a small backpack to carry your belongings.

Is Morocco good for cycling?

Yes, Morocco is a great destination for cycling, with a variety of terrain that caters to different levels of experience and fitness. The country has a range of roads and trails that span from rugged mountains with high arid mountain passes to coastal roads, lush green valleys and even the Sahara desert.

This wonderful and wide country offer adventurous cycle travelers a fantastic range of cycling itineraries, along with a climate is mostly dry and sunny, which makes for excellent cycling conditions. The breathtaking landscapes vary and an organized trip might take bicycle travelers through berber village one day, sand dunes and high mountain passes the next.

Moreover, Morocco has an extensive network of roads and a supportive cycling community, making it easy to navigate and explore the country on two wheels whether on a road bike or mountain bikes. There are also plenty of tour companies that offer guided cycling tours, which can be a great way to discover the best routes and sights that Morocco has to offer.

When checking out the tour guides, look for ones with high customer satisfaction ratings and make sure that the day tours suit your experience and fitness levels. Whilst the stunning landscapes might be appealing, don’t go on long climbs on road bikes if you are not fit!

Are e bikes in Morocco?

Yes, e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular in Morocco and can be rented or purchased in some cities. However, the availability of e-bikes may vary depending on the region and the rental shop, and they may not be as widely available as traditional bikes. It’s important to note that e-bikes are subject to the same traffic laws and regulations as regular bikes, and users are required to wear a helmet and follow safety guidelines.

Some guided tours may also offer e-bike options, which can be a great way to explore Morocco’s scenic routes and mountain trails with ease.

Take Aways on Morocco Mountain bike tour

Morocco is an ideal destination for biking and will give you one of lifes amazing experiences. Whether you go on your own and stick to the main routes in the bigger cities. A Morocco mountain bike tour can provide an unforgettable adventure with breathtaking views, hidden trails, and a chance to experience the country’s unique culture and history on two wheels.