Hi I’m Alyssa

Alyssa Faraji

When you think about your dream holiday, you probably think of Barbados, The Maldives, The Caribbean, or Europe.

You may not have even considered Morocco on your bucket list.

But, with the incredible Atlas Mountains, the Sahara on your doorstep, historical architecture, and delicious cuisine, it really should be.

Hi, I’m Alyssa Faraji and I’m a travel blogger. I’ve been blessed with this career to go to so many different places.

I get to try out the best hotels, excursions, nightlife, shopping, and go on a range of adventures in some of the most wonderful places in the world, and share them with my readers.

As a result, I have gotten a taste of various cultures and cuisines, but Morocco has a special place in my heart. My family is from Morocco, but I was raised here in the US.

Yet still, Morocco has always been a part of my life. We would go back every summer to spend time with family and friends. While there, learning about my ancestral history and home has often interested me.

This is why I wanted to create MuchMorocco.com. It seems a shame to me that this beautiful country has so much to offer, and yet not many people consider it as a vacation destination.

I want to spread information about its beautiful coastlines, exciting mixture of Arab, African and European cultural influences, and flavorful dishes.

If you are looking for your next vacation inspiration, then I hope to sway you towards Morocco with this site.

Here, I’ll go over the greatest adventures you can have in Morocco, from waterfalls, desert tours, leisure activities, cruises, mountains, and of course, all of the reasons why you need to visit the famous Casablanca!

Join me at MuchMorocco.com if you want to learn more about this beautiful place.


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